Coconut has powerful potential, points of purpose that focus on a complicated mix of faith and identity.
– Daniel Perks 

11th-28th April Ovalhouse Theatre, London, 52-54 Kennington, Oval, London, SE11 5SW.

“It is Jimmy Carter that draws the eye more often than not, as his discovery of religion morphs into a militant following of its teachings. Through a subtle transformation, we observe his desperate need to find a collective that overshadows all of his personal relationships. Carter’s interpretation breeds a toxic requirement for misogynistic obedience; we recoil as we witness Dohil’s personality convincingly wither and wilt.”  

 Daniel Perks

JIMMY is a versatile, seasoned stage actor and singer who is currently playing Simon, the love interest in ‘COCONUT’, in a new play written by Guleraana Mir.

Originally from South Shields, Jimmy trained at Drama Centre and is now permanently London based. Jimmy recently appeared in the critically acclaimed ‘The Giant Killers’ at Edinburgh Fringe. Other credits include; ‘Closer’ (South Shields Custom House), ‘Othello’ (Baron’s Court Theatre), and ‘Romeo & Juliet’ (Iris Theatre).

Kuran Dohil & Jimmy Carter (image courtesy of Greg Goodale) 


‘Coconut’ follows the story of Rumi, (played by Sukh Ojla: Black MirrorEastEnders), a British Pakistani woman who tries to convert her British boyfriend to Islam as they explore their faith and preserve their identities.

The play aims to create a debate regarding the separation of your religion and your identity. It also touches on the subject of how one’s opinion of their religion may change depending on whether they are born into it or had just discovered it as an adult. Portraying the complexities surrounding the identity of a British Muslim.

Going back to the characters’ themselves, Daniel Perks commented:

Mir writes complex characters, ones that aren’t perfect or self-aggrandising, ones that keeps us engaged in this constantly shifting power dynamic.

Explore the depths of Jimmy’s characters with us in ‘Coconut’, and be sure to look out for this actor-singer’s stellar performance.


Venue:  Ovalhouse, London, 52-54 Kennington, Oval, London, SE11 5SW.

Performance dates: 11th-28th April 

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