Brian F. Mulvey Stars In Ancestry Canada Advert “The Journey”

Our International Irish client Brian F. Mulvey stars in Ancestry Canada’s new advert “The Journey.”

“As the Irish potato famine sets in, one family has to choose between loyalty and survival. Will they leave for the new world together?”

Thank you AH Casting London and Corner Store Film for booking our client! We love Brian, his magnetism draws you in!

Recollection, Starring Rebecca Ward, Has Been Extended!

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND, RECOLLECTION WILL HAVE AN EXTENDED RUN UNTIL 4TH MAY starring our wonderful Exclusive client Rebecca Ward!

Produced by Any One Thing, RECOLLECTION has been called “an exhilarating and topical immersive experience” as “it pushes the boundaries of immersive theatre.” Directed by Sophie Larsmon and written by Richard Pucci.

Check out reviews and features of Recollection by The Londonist, London Live, and The Stage!


Take a look at all the exciting work we have been doing since our last newsletter in the summer!


NISHA ANIL signed exclusively to MSFT Management over the summer and in a short amount of time has been booking a nice array of jobs. Nisha just finished working with Rebellion on a new computer game brand, that will be released later in the year and is currently rehearsing for her role as Fairy / Dandini in the Christmas pantomime of Cinderella at the Oldham Coliseum. Please do get in touch for Comps if you are based in or near Manchester.

Dates: 10 Nov 18 – 12 Jan 2019

Venue: Oldham Coliseum Theatre

Fairbottom Street, Oldham, OL1 3SW


Paul has been with MSFT Management since 2014 and is one of our most versatile actors; whether he is working on a musical, doing some stand-up, performing in a Site-Specific show, filming TV pilots or regularly playing Father Christmas, (because of the uncanny resemblance!). He is currently rehearsing with Norwell Lapley Production for their tour of Dear Santa which opens next month. Please get in touch for Comps!

Dates: 29 Nov 2018 – 23 Dec 2018

Venues: Nottingham, Cumbria, Stafford, IIkley, Southport, Chichester

Please email Lennie for Theatre Comps


Rebecca is a great stage and screen actress in her mid 20’s full of range and charisma. She is dedicated to supporting New Writing and working with emerging writers and directors. Rebecca is currently working on three short stage productions playing contrasting roles, (A Stormtrooper, A Business Woman and a Scientist). We would love you to see her in action either in, And You Are? By Victoria Taylor Roberts, CRUMS by Jane Quill or in TARA-TOGENIC, directed by Gwenan Bain. All the details are below. Rebecca will also feature in the new SKY Q TVC playing the Duchess opposite Idris Elba. The commercial will air on the 1st November 2018 and is produced by Brothers and Sisters.

Play: And You Are? & CRUMS

Dates: 21st October and 22nd October

Venue: Tabard Theatre, 2 Bath Rd, Chiswick, London W4 1LW

Play: Tara-Togenic –

Part of The Platform Series emerging director’s scheme.

Dates: 1-3 November 2018

Venue: Bread and Roses Theatre, 68 Clapham Manor St, London SW4 6DZ

Please email Lennie for Theatre Comps



Sam may look like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, but don’t let his boy charm fool you, he is a fierce young actor! He joined the agency earlier this year and we are very excited to be working with him. Sam has already booked a few exciting roles. Over the summer he was cast in a short film called ‘The Nest’ which will be a Halloween premiere, produced by Bloody Cuts Films.

Sam is currently in India working on an Amazon Prime series called Inside Edge where he plays a British cricket player (if Sam was not pursuing an acting career, he could have gone pro). Sam has also made it to the final casting stages for a lead role in a British feature film. The screen chemistry test is scheduled for the end of the week, so watch this space.


Alex will feature in the new NOWTV commercial this month playing the HERO – a Mexican wrestler who is really just your regular family man. Casting by Jon Levene Casting in the SMART STICK ADVERT, produced by Thomas Thomas Films and directed by Mark Denten. Let us know when you see the advert.

Alex is a great character actor and chameleon. Perfect for both comedy and ‘tough guy’ roles. Dedicated to his craft and always willing to go the extra mile to bring the character to life. Standing over 6’4 tall, he also plays semi-pro basketball and is a trained wrestler. Alex is a disabled actor that makes us all re-evaluate our prejudice and proves that anything is possible with the right work ethic.



12, TGEC Town Hall Approach Road, N15 4RX



Venue: The Vaults Theatre, Waterloo, London SE1 7NN 

17 – 21 April 2018 at 7:30 pm, matinee on 21 April at 2:30 pm


A Northern actor from Lancashire and a relatively new client we are keen to show off; Joanna is performing in the Significant Other Festival from 17-21 April 2018, playing a Factory worker who has suppressed her feeling about her boss for years, to discover at his retirement party, that he too feels the same.


Joanna plays a timed factory worker that finds her voice as the play unfolds and portrays the character honestly.

Joanna has been involved in numerous projects in films, short films, music videos, and plays; her first appearance on stage being a rendition of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest by In Debt Theatre Company in 2003. More recently, she is known for her roles in I’m Still Here (2013), Twenty8k (2012), and Restaurant Replay (2016).



“I’m sure there was blood, sweat and tears putting this show together, but the team’s talent and hard work make it look easy.” ★★★★★ Female Arts

“The Pensive Federation have reaffirmed their position as one of the most exciting new writing companies.” ★★★★★ View from the Gods


This will be the festival’s ninth production and most ambitious project yet.  It is an annual new writing event run by The Pensive Federation, who create and produce 10 new 10 minute plays in just 10 days that all come together to make one complete play. All with the Pensive mantra of the ‘extraordinary in the everyday’ and the ‘magic in the mundane’.

The plays are connected through the themes of community and relationships, while exploring the phrase ‘significant other’…

Significant Other: colloquially used as a gender-blind term for a person’s partner in an intimate relationship without disclosing or presuming anything about marital status, relationship status, or sexual orientation.

In the play, it is 1988, where the UK experiences a sharp decline in it’s manufacturing industry. The story follows Jack and his last day in the firm he built from nothing. Being the town’s biggest employer and social hub, the fall of the firm meant a loss of a community pillar. See what happens to a town when the heart is ripped out of it’s community.

For Complementary Tickets, please call Lennie on 07917157748 or for further details and festival tickets, click here.

Venue: The Vaults Theatre, Waterloo, London SE1 7NN

17 – 21 April 2018 at 7:30 pm, matinee on 21 April at 2:30 pm


Coconut has powerful potential, points of purpose that focus on a complicated mix of faith and identity.
– Daniel Perks 

11th-28th April Ovalhouse Theatre, London, 52-54 Kennington, Oval, London, SE11 5SW.

“It is Jimmy Carter that draws the eye more often than not, as his discovery of religion morphs into a militant following of its teachings. Through a subtle transformation, we observe his desperate need to find a collective that overshadows all of his personal relationships. Carter’s interpretation breeds a toxic requirement for misogynistic obedience; we recoil as we witness Dohil’s personality convincingly wither and wilt.”  

 Daniel Perks

JIMMY is a versatile, seasoned stage actor and singer who is currently playing Simon, the love interest in ‘COCONUT’, in a new play written by Guleraana Mir.

Originally from South Shields, Jimmy trained at Drama Centre and is now permanently London based. Jimmy recently appeared in the critically acclaimed ‘The Giant Killers’ at Edinburgh Fringe. Other credits include; ‘Closer’ (South Shields Custom House), ‘Othello’ (Baron’s Court Theatre), and ‘Romeo & Juliet’ (Iris Theatre).

Kuran Dohil & Jimmy Carter (image courtesy of Greg Goodale) 


‘Coconut’ follows the story of Rumi, (played by Sukh Ojla: Black MirrorEastEnders), a British Pakistani woman who tries to convert her British boyfriend to Islam as they explore their faith and preserve their identities.

The play aims to create a debate regarding the separation of your religion and your identity. It also touches on the subject of how one’s opinion of their religion may change depending on whether they are born into it or had just discovered it as an adult. Portraying the complexities surrounding the identity of a British Muslim.

Going back to the characters’ themselves, Daniel Perks commented:

Mir writes complex characters, ones that aren’t perfect or self-aggrandising, ones that keeps us engaged in this constantly shifting power dynamic.

Explore the depths of Jimmy’s characters with us in ‘Coconut’, and be sure to look out for this actor-singer’s stellar performance.


Venue:  Ovalhouse, London, 52-54 Kennington, Oval, London, SE11 5SW.

Performance dates: 11th-28th April 

For a full list of Tour Dates, please click here 

For Complementary Tickets, please call Lennie on 07917157748 

Introducing ALEX FORMAN

ALEX is a bear of a man, standing over 6’4 tall with a personality to match. Originally from Essex, Alex is a charming and enthusiastic actor. He joined the agency last summer and has been working consistently ever since. He trained in Community Theatre, where his love for theatre blossomed and his talent to entertain was apparent. Click to see more of his accents here.


Some of Alex’s work

What a couple of weeks Alex has had! Last week Alex booked a corporate job playing a Manager in a new Sainsbury’s recruitment film, directed by Matt Broughton, than booked a role in a huge Immersive Theatre event for HighJam, playing a 90’s Raver. The week came to a close with yet another offer to perform at this years Edinburgh Fringe in a show called, Very Blue Peter.

Preview’s in London on 24th-25th July at Theatre N16 and STYX. For more information bout Alex, or to book comps, please call Lennie on 07917157748 or email agent at

THE WHITE PLAGUE Receives 4 STAR Reviews

THE WHITE PLAGUE is “a really intriguing piece of theatre that throws the audience into the centre of a major crisis whilst removing one of the five senses that enable them to understand and cope with the world around them”, according to one review by Terry Eastham.


Paul Croft is an engaging, funny, lucky actor who works consistently, going from show to show over the last 6 months. Paul is currently playing the lead role in, THE WHITE PLAGUE, written and directed by Alexander Raptotasios, the founder of London-based international theatre collective, Ferodo Bridges. If you love immersive theatre you must see this show, or should I say…’feel’ this show. The audience experiences the story through every sense apart from their sight. Sharing the ‘white blindness’ of the characters by wearing specially designed masks. The audiences will hear, feel and even smell the action as it unfolds around them.

November 2017 Client Round-Up


November Client Round-Up


A Mercenary, A Pilot, A Rebel, A Drug Dealer; but let’s not typecast Kevin, he can do comedy too!

 What a roller coaster year for Kevin Layne, thank’s to Casting Director Nina Gold, who kept him busy with two features and a TV role! Kevin is still on cloud nine, after working with Spanish film director, J.A. Bayona, on ‘JURASSIC WORLD: Fallen Kingdom’ (previewing June 22, 2018) and American film director, Rian Johnson,  on ‘STAR WARS: The Last Jedi’ (in cinemas December 15, 2017). Over the summer, Kevin was filming another feature called, 15 MINUTES DE GUERRE, in Morroco, by French film director, Fred Grivois. The film is based on a true story about a school bus that was taken hostage from the air base in Djibouti, in 1976. Kevin plays a Somalian called, ‘Barkhad’ who is the leader of the rebels responsible for taking the schoolchildren hostage.  The film is produced by Capture the Flag and will premier 2018. Kevin ended the year in Glasgow, filming ‘Patrick Melrose’ a new TV Mini-Series by German film director, Edward Berger. While Kevin is excellent at playing ‘baddies’ and transforming himself from an American to a Somalian with ease, he is also very keen to show-off his more vulnerable, lovable side in 2018!


A recipient of the Top 40 Artists Under 40 Award by Perspective Magazine.

Matthew is one of those lucky actors that can work effortlessly on stage and screen. Recent reviews include; “Matthew Leonhart, who provided a solid performance all evening, he really shines…Equally charming and terrifying…totally mesmerizing to watch…Leonhart proves he can deliver comedy as successfully as drama.”(thepublicreviews)  –  See, it’s not only his agent and his mother that think’s Matt is special!  I will let you in on a little secret about Matt, he studied at the California Institute of Arts, there, he picked up an American accent that he decided to keep and which probably helped to land him his current recurring role in Berlin Station for Epix’s – of course, we also need to thank Casting Director Kate Ringsell for taking a chance on him too!

This Latina, (who is also fluent in German), is full of love for life and is beautiful inside and out. Ariana is pure positive energy and we are so happy to be celebrating her nomination for best actress in the feature film, ‘Flor de azúcar’ on Thursday 30th November.

A young French actress living in London and one of our newest clients, Agathe emphasizes a sincere and genuine acting approach. Agathe can be seen in Anna Alfieri’s 2017 Feature Film ‘BORDERLINE,’ as well as Bruce Burgess’ 2017 show ‘PRIVATE LIVES OF THE MONARCHS’ where Agathe was cast to play elegant Queen Charlotte. Bilingual in both English and French and trained at Reims Conservatoire in France.

Dilek is a seasoned theatre performer and a graduate of Bristol Old Vic.  This year Dilek was on two tours with ‘OCTOPUS’ , written by Afsaneh Gray and directed by Pia Furtado and the ‘TWIST’, written by Chino Odimba and directed by Natalie Wilson for Theatre Centre.  Dilek has a powerful look and stage presence and is perfect for Middle Eastern TV roles as well as classical theatre heroines.

A new client with a great track record of winning people over! He is enthusiastic, eccentric and always plays character roles with a twist. Alex is currently in HONG KONG performing in’Project Mayhem’, an immersive show based on the film ‘Fight Club.  From his turn as Warden Freeman at the‘ALCOTRAZ COCKTAIL BAR’ to his role as Dame Nanny Nakeroo in ‘SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS’, Alex never wanes.  He was born to play comedy roles as perfect for children’s shows.

Megan Affonso is a new client in need of a break! Don’t misunderstand me, we are grateful for all the TV Casting and offers, but can we please get her in the room for a speaking role? Megan is a Euro-Asian actress, half Portugees and half Korean and professional musician. She can sing, (she even has her own band) and play the Cello and the Piano to a very high level. There is a perfect role out there for Megan, I just know it!

Janina is an Agency Favourite and one of our hardest working clients. In fact, we have to remind her to sleep sometimes! Edgy, stylish and really funny, Janina makes you laugh one minute and cry the next. She has the energy to carry a solo show, (DYSPLA’s 2017 production of,  ‘YOU WILL FAIL HER), and the generosity of spirit to share the focus in immersive theatre. A trained dancer with tons of alternative performance credits under her belt, but all she really wants for Christmas is a speaking role on Telly.

Rekha has a background in Broadcast Journalism with an excellent RP accent, who is well-suited for those TV/Feature film news anchor characters, as well as theatre and comedy roles. Or better yet, which she could do with precision. Rekha joined the agency in 2014 and has not stopped working. Rekha just finished performing in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ directed by Paul Anthony at Waterloo East Theatre and has a great mix of credits. Just to top it all off, she is an excellent singer too.

Rebecca is a classically trained singer and theatre performer. She is currently performing  ‘Inside Pussy Riot’ at the Saatchi Gallery, until 24th December 2017. Rebecca has worked with Les Enfants Terribles and Secret Cinema repeatedly, which is a testament to her professionalism and versatility. We discovered Rebecca at SundaySurgery earlier this year and have seen her perform an array of roles – she is a firecracker waiting to light up the sky!