Brigitte is a two times award winning European/English actress with a valid O1 visa and currently in the process of obtaining her Green Card. She has just finished filming NO TME TO DIE directed by Cari Joji Fukunaga and really enjoyed reprising her role as Dr Vogel from 007 James Bond/Spectre.
She is a cross between Eva Green and Juliette Binoche and the roles she is usually cast in are:
For Drama
  • Intellectual, cold hearted villainess, who is also vulnerable/neurotic and has to decide between good and evil. 
  • The refined beauty, who won’t hesitate to kill you for money, power, revenge or pleasure
  • the dark angel/witch/sorceress/vampire/high priestess/queen/gang leader/brothel madam

For comedy:

  • The well manicured cougar (Mrs Robinson type) whose orders are always obeyed
She does a good modern Standard British RP and a Standard American accent and her accents are Russian, German & French.. She is fluent in German  and proficient in French. She’s also had Firearms/weapon/stunt training and is proficient horse woman.