THE WHITE PLAGUE is “a really intriguing piece of theatre that throws the audience into the centre of a major crisis whilst removing one of the five senses that enable them to understand and cope with the world around them”, according to one review by Terry Eastham.


Paul Croft is an engaging, funny, lucky actor who works consistently, going from show to show over the last 6 months. Paul is currently playing the lead role in, THE WHITE PLAGUE, written and directed by Alexander Raptotasios, the founder of London-based international theatre collective, Ferodo Bridges. If you love immersive theatre you must see this show, or should I say…’feel’ this show. The audience experiences the story through every sense apart from their sight. Sharing the ‘white blindness’ of the characters by wearing specially designed masks. The audiences will hear, feel and even smell the action as it unfolds around them.