Constantine has had a long and varied career as an actor on stage and screen. His acting credits in the last year alone include the blockbusters “6 Underground” directed by Michael Bay, “Wonder Woman 1984” directed by Patty Jenkins, “Kingsman: The Great Game” directed by Matthew Vaughn and the TV series “Gangs of London” directed by Gareth Evans. All these new projects are scheduled to hit the screen next year.

Constantine is returning to the industry after taking a break from acting to focus on working as a dialect coach on international feature films. He had the pleasure of working with top-flight directors such as Bernardo Bertolucci and Danny Boyle amongst many others. This work took him all over the world, but now he has decided to focus his energies on his original and true love, acting. He has been signed to MSFT Management since last July and in that time has not stopped working.

While his reel is not a reflection of his current work, I think it’s important to mention that Constantine is one of our best clients and a real screen actor, able to play the nuances of every beat.

Constantine is a hugely experienced actor working in all forms, but principally in film and television. He still gets occasionally stopped in the street for his appearance as “Chris Feathers” in the Alan Partridge series.

He recently played the lead in a short film “Forget About It”, now doing the rounds of the festivals. He is fortunate enough to have worked all over the world in international feature films with directors such as Bernardo Bertolucci, Steven Spielberg, and Matteo Garrone amongst many others in his long career.