We like to build relationships with actors before offering representation. If you’re considering representation with MSFT Management, please do one or more of the following:

  – Connect via social media on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram
  – Post your Spotlight link/Showreel on our Facebook page
  – Attend a Sunday Surgery workshop
  – Book an actor consultation

If we feel we are able to represent you, we will ask you to read our contract. After reading the contract, if the actor would like to accept the offer of representation, then MSFT Management invites you in for an informal meeting and a presentation of other skills. For example, if you are a performer who can sing/dance/play an instrument, this meeting will serve as an opportunity for you to show off other skills, too.

At the end of the meeting, MSFT Management will ask you to sign the contract and representation will be immediate.

There are two types of representation MSFT Management offers: Exclusive and Non-Exclusive.

  – We take on a limited amount of talent for exclusive representation
  – We offer one-to-one consultations
  – We are available on the phone to our exclusive clients
  – We push careers in an active way on Spotlight and among our industry contacts
  – We produce MSFT Management Showcases and opportunities for our clients to perform
  – We offer consultations on our exclusive clients marketing material
  – Exclusive clients get listed on the homepage of our MSFT Management site
  – Exclusive clients benefit from discounts on MSFT events and products
  – We take 10 percent commission on work found by the artist
  – We take 20 percent commission on work we find for our clients
  – Exclusive clients are offered a one year contract and cannot sign with another agent

Please make sure to read our Terms & Conditions page for further information.

Contractual requirements: all actors must be on Spotlight and must aim to complete all their marketing material (i.e. showreel, voicereel, headshots). All MSFT Management clients are offered in-house deals and discount should the actor wish to take advantage of these discounts. However, actors are not obliged to use our in-house photographic studio or editing suit.

  – As a non-exclusive client, you can have more than one agent
  – As a non-exclusive client, you get priority over in house castings
  – You are listed on the MSFT Management site
  – You pay a higher commission of 25%
  – There is no limit to how many clients we can sign up
  – Actors list us as their agent on Spotlight
  – We do not take a commission on jobs you find yourself
  – You get priority on Sunday Surgery events, but still pay the same fee
  – You can be promoted to exclusive representation

If you are looking for representation, please only post your Spotlight link to our Facebook wall.

Please note: MSFT Management will only consider representing actors with showreels and current professional headshots. Please do not get in touch without both.

From time to time, MSFT Management are asked to seek out talent that we may not actually represent by doing an open casting call. In times like these, MSFT Management will post the casting call on Facebook and/or Twitter. Any professional actor on Spotlight and registered self-employed are able to put themselves forward for any job we post. This does not mean that we represent you; it only means that we are able to put you forward, and, if you get the job, we will manage that job for you for a one-off finder’s fee of 25%. In the past, successful actors who have secured a job in this way have been offered representation.

All photos are copyrighted to MSFT Management and/or their respective owners. Commercial use of images from this website is strictly prohibited unless provided to you by the agency.

Actors are not to call the office or visit without making an appointment first. The phone number provided on this website is for casting directors and producers only. Please use the email address provided or fill out the form on this website. If you are looking for representation, please follow the above instructions. Thank you!