“A supportive and positive agent who really cares about her clients and colleagues in the industry and is willing to share her knowledge and expertise.”

Maddie Cordes

Talent Manager, Maddie’s Talent Management

“I feel so blessed to have Lennie as my agent. Thank you so much for being such a hands on agent. I have amazing auditions all because of your support and attention to detail!”

Maria Jaci


“My best agent ever. MSFT Management took me to another level. Their involvement in the development of my acting career lead to the enhancement of my performances, auditions, bookings on films, and recently been seen for a potential role on James Bond. How big does it get?! MSFT is simply the best. The future suddenly looks brighter.”

Lamin Tamba


“Lennie is a wonderfully caring and supportive agent.”

Holli Dillon


“Lennie is an amazing agent! With a wonderful warm presence, she is extremely attentive and supportive.
She got me in the room in front of a fantastic director ‘Richard Crawford’ for Secret Scared Theatre’s latest show out in Hong Kong ‘Project Mayhem’ an immersive theatre show based on the book/Film Fight Club!”

Alexander John Forman


“Lennie at MSFT has been a joy to work with. First class communication and professionalism a plenty.”

Benjamin John


“Lennie and her team are the best I’ve ever work with. They give you great advice and care about you, you are not just a name in their books. Since we start together opportunities keep coming and I am learning a lot while working. I am so glad to be represented by her.”

Jessica Alonso


“Amazing agent! Consistent work and Lennie goes that extra mile to make sure her clients are looked after.”

Samantha Alleyne